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Note To Self:

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything! And even longer since I’ve posted anything super personal- There is so much you can get out of music. There is an amazing connection you can feel through it. The lyricism and melody speak in a way basic words just cannot, so a lot of times I let the music tell my story. If my current life were a movie, this would be the soundtrack, was the assignment that I just continue. So, here’s my post. It’s short and simple, except not. Because right now my life is messy, complicated, and really confusing.
My Life Sounds Like: 1.Cheers to the Fall -Andra Day 2.Save Myself -Ed Sheeran 3.FEEL. -Kendrick Lamar 4.Details in the Fabric (Feat. James Morrison) – Jason Mraz 5.A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega -Ashley McBryde 6.I Am Not Nothing -Beth Crowley 7.Hills and Valleys -Tauren Wells 8.Beautiful Trauma -P!nk 9.Breaking the Law -Emeli Sande 10.Just Call (Feat. Bella Throne) -Prince Fox 11.Every Heart -Sarah Haze 12.The Good Parts -Andy Grammer 13.Let It Matter -JOHNNYS…
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It's Great To Be 28!

It's crazy how 365 days can change a person.
365 days ago I sat on my bed crying. I was so lost. In college, I learned all about making 5 year plans. Every class talked about a 5 year plan. Career plans. Family plans. Personal plans. Have a 5 year plan! Make sure your plan is SMART. Specific, measurable, achieviavble, realistic, timely. I had all that. And it was going to happen before I was 30. I was a SMART Planner. A perfect wife. A fantastic dog mom of 2.... then I wasn't any of that. And soon after I turned 27. 
So, I sat on my bed crying, until I was done. And that was it. I was just done being sad. It had been 9 days of tears and I didn't like it. In that moment I realized that for me, personally, happiness was a choice. So, I decided then and there that 27 was going to be the best year yet, and I made myself a list to ensure it would happen. Here are some of them: 
3- Attend RiSE 2017 This had been on my bucket list since 2015. RiSE is a floating lantern and music fest…

Who Used All the Black Crayon?

Guys, I am used to about 14 views each post. That's it (which is weird, because I post every blog link to my family's Facebook group and there are 40 of us in there... Thanks guys!). I was not expecting that many hits on one post, but I got it, and it has sparked a lot of conversation that I feel to be very productive. I have been so honored by the respect I have been given from those who’s opinions differ from mine, and the dialogue we have been able to have on the matter of race in today's society.
Some of the best conversations have come from the, "But why?" question. But why is that offensive? On Facebook I shared this Vox link, so I won't get into that, but I do want to take some time to talk about taking offense.

Life is a collection of experience. After one is written into our book, the next experience will be affected because of it.
In kindergarten, I had a true Corrina, Corrina experience in class, when someone asked, "Who used all the black crayon…

CYG: Sunday Circle

Day 29: Sunday Circle

Headed home for Grandma Viv's 88th birthday weekend.  I ate lots of ice cream and no cake, because cake is yuck. Had so much fun catching up with the Fam! Felt so good to be home for a bit! Miss all y'all way too much

PSA: You Didn't Win Halloween & Neither Did I

Last night my social media feed was filled with photos of friends attending their weekend parties in their Halloween costumes. There were a couple families and friend groups who were the cast of Napoleon Dynamite, a hilarious couple who went as their dogs, Curious George and the man in the Yellow Suite, and even Tess and Emily Tyler (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen from Billboard Dad). People are so creative when it comes to Halloween costumes! I am so not!

But then I saw a couple’s costume I was so unbelievable uncomfortable with.alloween It was on Snapchat. Two people, one had painted himself brown to depict a character, a “hero” from a TV show we all watched in high school. Not just face painted, but arms, neck, chest. Then they added the chains. This, to that couple was a costume, but this also has a name, and that name is “blackface”.

Minstrel shows started in the mid to late 19th century, where white actors would paint their face to depict blacks on stage. The actors then went up on s…

CYG: Passion

Day 27: Passion

Oh, high school. When I felt like I could make a difference in others’ lives by being kind and doing the right thing. This year of high school, I started the "Adopt a Freshman" project where we assigned seniors to have freshman buddies and the upper classman just checked in on the underclassmen. We were there for each other. I also was the chairman for a hair donation dive that year. I partnered with a bunch of salons and stylists, got girls and one boy to agree to grow their hair out all year, then at the end of the year we had a big day where everyone got a new hair style, and we donated 77 feet of hair to our foundation of choice.
In both those projects, I felt like I made a difference. Those projects are still what drive me. How can I help someone else get back on their feet? How can I help them feel better? This drives me because I know how much it helps, because there have been times where I have needed people to do the same for me. 

Also, I'm pretty s…

CYG: Universal Miraculous

Day 26: Universal Miraculous